Sunday, June 7, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives MatterI tried so hard to keep my peace and to never comment on social and political
issues anymore.  But, as time went by, so many people have been affected by other people
who have put themselves above the laws of the universe.  No man, woman, boy or girl should ever in this day and time find the need to take extraordinary precautions and measures before walking or travelling to a destination. They should never think of the possibility of not making it back home
because of freelance oppressors having their way with vulnerable Black Citizens of America. 

Black men and women have always been a target and potential threat to those who were raised to believe that they were more privileged and superior.  According to most of my colleagues who happens to be of many races, all stated that behavioral patterns are learned and taught from social and private experiences among family and friends.

So as the days go by, I shall hope that the ways of the old and new oppressors grow into the
abyss of no return.  We need love and respect to become a Natural Law Of the Land.  We need change and we need it now!  We want it now!  Black lives matter! 

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