How to apply for Bids, Buy a house and rent a home from Ujima Properies LLC


Unlike the year 2020, we are bringing positive vibes and brighter thoughts in for the New Year 2021.  It will be a challenging year for us filled with new innovations and ideas.  Innovations like creating a better and faster way to process accurate information.  Ideas like accepting job bids from Contractors, Sub-contractors and Licensed handy men.  

Also new is the opportunity to buy and rent a new home through this Blog.  From time to time, there will be a link and instructions to gain access to what will be available.  Location of the links will be available here, in the center of this blog and at the Investor Opportunity Market on the right.  

We hope that going back to normal or going to better than normal is just around the corner.  Let's have a better than great New Year!


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