Undiscovered Community Treasures

Here is what it means: 

The term "undiscovered community people" is not a commonly used or well-defined phrase. It could potentially refer to a group of people who have not been recognized or acknowledged by mainstream society or have not come to public attention for various reasons.

Isolated or Hidden Communities: These could be remote or secluded groups of people living in areas that are difficult to access, which have remained relatively unknown to the outside world. Such communities might have their own unique cultures, traditions, and ways of life that have yet to be discovered or studied by anthropologists or researchers.

Marginalized or Unrecognized Groups: These could be marginalized communities that have not received proper attention, support, or recognition from broader society or government institutions. They may be overlooked due to discrimination, social prejudices, or neglect, resulting in their needs and issues not being adequately addressed or understood.

Online or Virtual Communities: In the context of the internet, there are numerous online communities and subcultures that remain hidden or lesser-known to the general public. These groups might have a dedicated following or be relatively obscure, operating on niche interests or topics.

Uncontacted Indigenous People: In some cases, this term might be used to refer to indigenous tribes or groups living in isolated regions with limited or no contact with the outside world. These tribes may have chosen to remain isolated or might not be aware of the existence of modern civilization.

It's essential to clarify the context or specific meaning intended when using the term "undiscovered community people" to avoid misunderstanding or misrepresentation. In many cases, it's essential to respect the privacy and autonomy of any such groups and avoid exploiting them for personal gain or sensationalism. 

 We found such a person named "Shay that works for a detail company.  She stands less than 5 foot tall but makes a huge impact on the workforce of that company.  When asked what plans she had for the future,  she stated, " I am working on getting my own detail on wheels business".  Boom!  We want to be one of her first customers!


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